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Réserver au café bistrot Maasaï

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Réserver au café bistrot Maasaï

Located near the famous Boulevard Haussmann and the Place de l'Opéra, Villa Maasaï with African specialties welcomes you in the 2nd district of Paris at 9 boulevards of Italians, to offer a culinary trip to your taste buds and create memories gourmet and gourmet!             

With 300 seats, it is the largest African restaurant in the capital. But it is also a new place that was conceived by a Beninese siblings (4 brothers and a sister) to offer a unique experience and a trip to their continent. A chic and refined decoration, with gigantic paintings, animal masks or beautiful wallpapers, everything is waiting for you to enjoy a tasty safari!           !

From Monday to Friday, the restaurant welcomes you for lunch and dinner with different menu (on weekends, the restaurant is open only in the evening). But in the heart of Villa Maasai the spirit of the party is present! A stage to welcome live artists, a lounge bar, an intimate space for events on the first floor (capacity 45 people) and a sublime cocktail bar with African scents. Every weekend a DJ comes to mix and move the 600m2 places.   

Between modernity and authenticity, it is a place that will immerse you in the heart of African lands.

Une Cuisine Africaine à l'Honneur

Villa Maasaï offers you the opportunity to taste halal African dishes: N'dolé shrimps, Mafé, Yassa, Tiep Bou Dienn, DG chicken, okra sauce, peanut sauce ... a colorful and tasty farandole awaits you in the heart of the restaurant. With a different menu for lunch and dinner, it's time to fall in love with this African cuisine. It is a cross of several culinary cultures of African lands.   :